Extreme Survival Meat: A Guide for Safe Scavenging, Pemmican Making, and Roadkill

by Tamarack Song

Whether you are faced with an extreme survival situation, or you’re simply wanting to obtain animals without hunting or trapping, this book will show you how to find, process, and preserve meat without anything but a knife. You’ll learn how to safely assess an animal carcass to determine whether it’s safe to eat – a vital skill that could save your life. There are also special sections on roadkill and making pemmican – the most nourishing and long-lasting survival food.

The instructions contained within this book are well tested, and easy to follow, as Tamarack and his family have lived for over forty years almost exclusively on scavenged meat and hand-caught fish. In an extreme survival situation, this is one book you don’t want to be without. It belongs in every backpack, glove compartment, and survival kit, so it will be there when you need it.

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Zen Rising: 366 Sage Stories to Enkindle Your Days

by Tamarack Song

Zen Rising is a special collection of the most beloved teaching stories in the Zen tradition. They all trace back to the classical time when Sage and Seeker sat together and reflected on the inner truths these stories embodied. As the Quest for Awakening is intrinsic to the human experience, these tales are just as vibrant today as when they were first told. For this book, the author selected the stories he uses in his teachings. Each of us is part Sage and part Seeker, part Scholar and part Fool. We find these aspects of ourselves mired in confusion, struggling with paradox, and ecstatic with flashes of enlightenment as page-by-page we take this Journey of Life.

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Tamarack’s Other Published Writings

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