An Invitation to Join and Support the Book-Creation Team


A book cover performs many functions. First and foremost, it draws a prospective reader to the book. This gives the cover a central marketing role, whether online or in a book store, where hundreds and hundreds of titles vie for our attention. A book cover’s visual first impression can play a more important role in hooking us than the title itself.

Once a cover design has captured us, we then extract clues to the contents from the title, subtitle, and author.

The only misleading part of covers is the impression they give that book writing is a solo endeavor. In my lifetime, I have come across only a handful of books where the authors could legitimately claim the amount of credit that their names standing alone on the front cover portend. Even the first inklings of a typical book’s life are spawned by an author’s surroundings and associations, whether they be environmental, professional, social, or intimate. Nurturance for the seed then comes from outside expertise or resources compiled by others. As the project matures, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and book designers join the team. A publisher who believes in the book then comes on board, to handle production and distribution. And let’s be sure to include the advertisers, reviewers, and publicists, who bring the book to the attention of its intended audience.

It’s not that these contributors are completely overlooked, as they are typically cited in the book’s Acknowledgments. Yet how many people really read what’s tucked away in a book’s front or back matter?Unless an author receives an advance, there is another vital member of the book-crafting collective who often goes unrecognized: the financial supporter. Some endeavors are self-supporting, and some rely on grants or employer backing. Others must raise funds independently.

I, and the editors and artists who work with me, fall into the latter category. It takes about $5,000.00 for our team to produce a book. We have the rough drafts of a number of books that only await this foundational funding in order to complete and publish them. You may view the covers, tables of contents, and text selections for each by going to Upcoming Books, which can be found here or on our menu.

If one of the books resonates with you and you’d be willing to fund its publication, we would consider it a deep honor to have you join our book-creating circle. Please give Amber or Tamarack a call at 715-546-2944 or email us at info (at) snowwolfpublishing (dot) org.

In acknowledgment of the vital role you would play as a core funder, you would receive special recognition at the beginning of the book, and you could write your own dedication. If you would like to be more involved in the publishing process, we’d be happy to send you a copy of the manuscript and invite your feedback.